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Rubén and Cordt – Chairs of biogenic functional materials and biogenic polymers – at our Campus have organized an international workshop on biogenic, bioinspired, biomimetic and biohybrid materials for innovative optical, photonics and optoelectronics applications.

This was an amazing two days with exciting science and talks with an excellent community: Olle Inganäs, Sergiu Coseri, Maria Godinho, Alessandra Operamolla, Olli Ikkala, Nicolas Vogel, Luigi Vandi, Maria Leilani, Giorgo Volpe, Christina Wege, Stephen Schrettl, Oliver Lieleg, Alon Gorodetsky, Sara Mejias, Franziska Thomas, Niclas Solin, Hendrik Hölscher, Jun Yao, Larisa Florea, Soraya Caixeiro, Adam Slabon, Kuna Masania, Seung-Wuk Lee.

Our sincere thanks for your contribution to our scientific workshop. Your high quality presentations and insightful discussions were fantastic. Your participation not only enriched the experience for all involved, but also helped to foster an environment of learning and collaboration in our community. Overall, that was a very enriching experience!