Research lines

Protein hybrid materials: Our interest involves design and preparation of luminescent and structural proteins as well as the synthesis of polymer and nanoparticle platforms to stabilize them out of water media. We pursued to fabricate highly stable luminescent and optical active protein-polymer/nanoparticles hybrids under irradiation, thermal, and mechanical stress.

Sustainable electroactive materials: We focus on preparing and characterizing new electroactive and emitting materials including biogenic electrolytes, nanocarbon derivatives, and d10– coordination complexes. We aim at developing easy-to-process and stable active layers and electrodes for thin-film lighting and photovoltaic devices.

Hybrid optoelectronics: We optimize the integration of biological and sustainable materials in optoelectronics for lighting and photovoltaic applications. We are focused on demonstrating new applications of these materials (multifunctional components, water-based components, low-temperature fabrication, flexible and mechanically stable architectures) in devices with the long-term goal to replace expensive and non-sustainable components without losing performance. Our technological platforms are: color down-converting filters for white LEDs and solar windows, thin-film and single-layered light-emitting electrochemical, and dye-sensitized solar cells.


Elastomeric polymer containing GFP under UV light

White LEDs using several FPs as color down-converting filter

CNTs DSSC fabrication

1 mt long CNT-DSSCS

Research Overview – Dr. Mattia Nieddu

Research Overview – Dr. Olivia Amargós Reyes

Closing Cu-MOF MSCA action

Closing Po-TA-LEC MSCA action


Chair of Biogenic Functional Materials

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Head of the Chair

Prof. Dr. habil. Rubén D. Costa
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Susanne Zosel
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Jasmin Schneider
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Theresa Rothammer (nicht anwesend)
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